STORY 1: Pepper :

One day, Pepper walked along the sidewalk, looking for food. Oh please let there be something to eat! thought Pepper, then, at sun-fall, He smelled something! What could that be? Smells like sushi!!! Pepper ran towards the smell and climbed the fence, looked down, and found a lot of cats playing with toys. Why are there so many cats? Pepper climbed down the fence to figure that out, "Hello!" said an excited voice, "We got a new visitor!!!". All the cats gathered around poor Pepper asking a bunch of questions at once, maybe if I run away they wont notice???- "I, um, hello!" Pepper said shyly, all the cats went quiet, "My name is Pepper, uh, may I eat the sushi?", "Of course you can! Help yourself to it, you look hungry, by the way I am Salt!" She smiled at Pepper, he smiled shyly back. What is this? Some kind of gathering? He went over to the sushi and starting eating slowly because everyone was staring. May I eat in peace? Or do they usually stare at people eating? "Poor Pepper, stop staring at him, wait, is your name Pepper?" said Tabitha, "Yeah, my name is Pepper" all the cats stopped staring and instead starting whispering to each other. That might be worse... Pepper finished eating then looked around at the place, he saw a comfy treasure box and went in it, Ooooh it has a fluffy pillow inside! And then he fell asleep, the other cats quietly looked at Pepper, admiring his tail, then whispering about his eye's oddness, Salt didn't like it because she has the same eyes and tail, overall feeling bad for the new kitten.

The other day, Pepper woke up on a pillow on the sidewalk. Wait...was I dreaming the whole time? Maybe all this wasn't real..but..-"Hello Pepper! I see you fell asleep, next time bring a fish next to your Goodie! Tabitha had to fetch one for you.", said Ginger, "Next to my what?" said Pepper, "The thing you were sleeping in, they are called 'Goodies'", So that dream was real! "Okay, I will try to remember!" Pepper then went back to the Yard to eat, but it looked different! There was an inside and a lot more 'Goodies', Pepper saw all the cats circling the new area and getting comfy, "Welcome back, Pepper!" said Salt as she got into a glass vase and it tipped over-"meeOOW!" all the cats watched her try to get out of the vase, then she finally broke free and shook herself. "Staring is very helpful" Salt hissed teasingly at Rascal who snickered, "Yes, so helpful you got out". Salt and Rascal started play-fighting and the others joined in by pawing at each other, Pepper slowly started walking away and then saw a cream colored cat with peach colored markings, "Oh! Who is this?" she said to her friend, Pasty, "This is Pepper! Hes new here, Pepper, this is my friend Peaches!", "Oh hello" said Pepper. "Pepper? Like Salt? You look a lot like her!" Peaches started staring at Salt, then Pepper, then Salt, and back, "Maybe your siblings!". "Oh! I haven't noticed that before, but your right!" Salt said staring at Pepper, then her tail, and back, Is she my sister? Everyone was staring at them both, making Pepper uncomfortable, he looked down, and saw his tail with the same markings as Salt's. We are siblings!!! Snowball woke up and saw everyone staring at Pepper and Salt, "What are you doing?....maybe I shouldn't have woke up...", "Pepper and Salt are siblings!!!" Peaches said excitedly to Snowball that said, "Oh! Nice, we haven't had a reunited sibling in a moon!" All the cats were smiling, then saw a giant, white cat walking slowly towards them, "Hello! I see we have a new visitor?" said the cat as one of them started moving the food, "Yes and hes my brother!!!" Salt said to the cat, "Pepper? It could only be..."-"Yep!" Salt responded. "Pepper, this is Tubbs.", "Hi Tubbs!" Pepper said, "Hello Pepper! Oh, wait where did the food go?", "Its all gone!" Rascal replied immediately to Tubbs. "Oh well, I'll just sit in my cushion..." Tubbs walked towards the giant cushion and took up all the room, as Lexy whispered in Rascal's ear "good job! now we can eat..." Rascal grinned at everyone but Tubbs then Salt said to him, "That's just mean! He needs to eat too..." Salt stopped, and thought for a while, "never mind" she whispered.

After a while all the cats started play fighting, then went into their 'Goodies' and fell asleep. Pepper then woke up, the sun was shining in his face and blinked a few times. He stretched, then yawned, it was still daytime, all the others were gone, Oh, wasn't I supposed to bring some fish? Pepper saw seven golden fish on a pillow...and he took six and put it on his tree stump. I hope no one even notices.... Then he saw a huge two-legged cat with no fur bend over and pet him-what is he doing!!! Pepper ran away, and climbed the fence, then looked down at the two-leg that was staring at him in worry, maybe he is friendly? Pepper's fur flattened and sat down on the fence, watching as the two-leg refilled the food, looked at him, and gave him a piece of sashimi. So thats how the food got there! Pepper purred and ate the piece as the two-leg picked him up and brought him inside. The walls had a wooden look and the floor was shiney and polished as Pepper lay down on the marble counter, what is he doing? He looked closer at the two-leg and saw him pick up a crate and keys, then tryed to put Pepper in the crate-I do not think so! He ran...not too far, then was put in the crate-"Please dont do that! Let me out! Let me out!" Pepper tryed to talk to the two-leg but all that achieved was a piece of sushi...He was put into a car, then into a big building with more two-legs sitting down waiting with their pets. Get me out...GET ME OUT! Pepper started clawing and meowing at the doors to open, then hissing at the the humans. He heared them start talking about him but he couldn't understand them, then another human picked the crate up and brought him further inside. Then Pepper saw another human talking to the one that fills the food, they were talking to eachother then both looked at him...No...whatever your thinking NO...The vet opened the crate and let him out, instead Pepper stayed there, the vet sighed and grabbed him out, placed him on the bench looking thing then started poking him with weird metal objects-"Stop that!" Pepper said to the vet, staring at her. That achieved nothing, so he grabbed the object out of her paws and sat on it, she started laughing and talking to the other one, he looked at them while they were trying to get the object back, then Pepper looked up and saw a lamp to jump on, so he did. The ceiling felt weird, spikey, and hard, but since the lamp was sturdy he just lay there, watching them. The vet finally managed to get him down and check on him, everything was alright so he was free to go, then he was put back into the crate and in the car and back home, then released.

The other cats explained what happened to him, and how the two-leg cares about all of them and makes sure they are healthy. From there on, Pepper and all his friends played, ate, and had fun together! There were new cats that they all introduced to eachother and friended, everyone was happy and healthy. They all soon gave thanks (Mementos) to their food-filler, even the picky rare kittens, and saw all the remodels and little posters of them (wallpapers)!   '=-.,__,.=-' '=-.,__,.=-' '=-.,__,.=-=-.,__,.=-'♥THE END♥'=-.,__,.=-=-.,__,.=-=-.,__,.=-' '=-.,__,.=-' '=-.,__,.=-'!!! ;P


PepperCuteness (talk) 20:19, May 17, 2017 (UTC)PepperCuteness                                                        [1]

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