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Ver 1.9.6 iOS

(Update Release May 10th, 2017.)

  • An error that causes the application to crash when transitioning screens has been fixed.
  • An error that prevents the name to change accordingly when switching languages on the start up settings has been fixed.
  • Several other bugs/errors have been fixed.

Ver 1.9.5 iOS

(Update Release April 27th, 2017.)

  • An error that appears on the [Submit Feedback] screen has been fixed.
  • Neko Atsume for Apple Watch has been released. You can also check on the cats in your yard on Apple Watch now!

Ver 1.9.4 iOS

(Update Release April 15th, 2017.)

  • A bug that caused the game to crash for iOS 8 or below has been fixed.

Ver 1.9.1 iOS

(Update Release December 21st, 2016.)

  • Various display errors have been corrected.

Ver 1.9.0

(Update Release December 15th, 2016.)

Ver 1.8.6 iOS

(Update Release November 28th, 2016.)

  • Bugs have been fixed.

Ver 1.8.5

(Update Release November 24th, 2016.)

Ver 1.8.0

(Update Release October 13th, 2016.)

Ver 1.7.4 Android

(Update Release September 26th, 2016.)

  • Bugs have been fixed.

Ver 1.7.3 Android

(Update Release September 14th, 2016.)

  • A bug that caused errors inputting Daily Password in several versions have been fixed.

Ver 1.7.2 Android

(Update Release September 13th, 2016.)

  • Bugs have been fixed.

Ver 1.7.2 iOS

(Update Release September 6th, 2016.)

  • Various display errors have been corrected.

Ver 1.7.1 iOS

(Update Release July 16th, 2016.)

  • Bug that causes the in-game time to stop has been fixed.

Ver 1.7.0

(Update Release July 14th, 2016.)

Ver 1.6.3 Android

(Update Release May 31st, 2016.)

  • Bug that frequently caused forced termination in specific devices has been fixed.

Ver 1.6.2 Android

(Update Release Mar. 31st, 2016.)

  • Various display errors have been corrected.

Ver 1.6.1

(Update Released Mar. 31st, 2016.)

  • Various display errors have been corrected.

Ver 1.6.0

(Update Released Mar. 24th, 2016.)

Ver 1.5.7

(Update Release Date not specified.)

  • Various display errors have been corrected.

Ver 1.5.6

(Update Released Feb. 4th, 2016.)

  • Fixed some bugs.

Ver 1.5.5

(Update Released Jan. 28th, 2016.)

Ver 1.5.0

(Update Released Dec. 18th, 2015.)

Ver 1.4.8 iOS

(Update Released Nov. 11th, 2015.)

  • Fixed some item explanation.

Ver 1.4.7

(Update Released Nov. 7th, 2015.)

  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't start in a specific Android OS version.

Ver 1.4.6

(Update Released Nov. 5th, 2015.)

  • Fixed some bugs.

Ver 1.4.5

(Update Released Oct. 30th, 2015.)

Ver 1.4.0

(Update Released Sep. 24th, 2015.)

  • New Cats and Goodies have been added.
  • You can now widen individual camera's shooting range.
  • On the individual camera screen, you can pinch in to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out.
  • Free album has been expanded from 48 slots to 72 slots.
  • You can now add more pages. (Free album: max 16 pages, Each album: max 8 pages)
    • Adding one page requires 10 Gold Fish.

Ver 1.3.2

(Update Released Aug. 4th, 2015.)

  • You can now share individual photos on Twitter.
  • Bugs fixed.

Ver 1.3.1

(Update Released Jun. 12th, 2015.)

  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't start after a certain update.

Ver 1.3.0

(Update Released Jun. 11th, 2015.)

  • New Rare Cats and Goodies have been added.
  • Menu configuration changed.
    • "Remodel" will now appear in the menu, after tapping "Other".
  • "Album" added in Cat Menu.
  • "Free Album" added in Album.
  • You can now move photos to another Cat album.
  • After 5 passwords have been sent, the player will receive a can of Ritzy Bitz.
  • Bugs fixed.

Ver 1.2.0

(Update Released Apr. 6th, 2015.)

Ver 1.1.7

(Update Release Date not specified.)

  • Fixed a bug where an 'error' message would appear on the NEWS page.
  • Screen bug on Fish purchase fixed.
  • More screen glitches fixed.

Ver 1.1.6

(Update Released Feb. 26th, 2015.)

  • Fixed a bug where Cats and Toys would disappear from screen.
  • Camera improved.
  • Cats' names character limit fixed.
  • Bugs fixed.

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