Main Goodies

Manzoku-san “Satisfaction”
Tubbs Sprite
Personality Finicky Feaster
Power Level 130
Appearance Fluffy
Memento Fish Jerky

Tubbs (まんぞくさん Manzoku-san) is a Rare Cat in Neko Atsume.


  • Tubbs is the only Cat which will appear at the space meant for the Food Bowl — the Food will be immediately emptied when Tubbs arrives, preventing more Cats from visiting.
  • Of all the rare cats, Tubbs is the easiest to get.
  • Tubbs is the only Cat that will stay after the player switches Remodels.
  • Tubbs will leave eventually, or immediately should the player replace the Food. However, the player will be rewarded with more Fish or Gold Fish if Tubbs leaves on its own.
  • In an expanded Yard, Tubbs will not go after the Food Bowl inside the house. Players have thought the reason for this is that Tubbs is too lazy to go into the house; however, Tubbs does go inside the house to use the Giant Cushion.
  • Tubbs looks like a fat version of Snowball.
  • The Giant Cushion can normally hold up to 2 Cats, but Tubbs will occupy all the space.
    • This is the only appearance of Tubbs not eating the Food.
    • This is also the only appearance of Tubbs going inside the house.


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