• Hiya, I'm the dude with the Frosty and Snowball problem;

    Sadly your advice didn't get me far...

    The cat that is listed as "Snowball" on this site, is called "Frosty" in my game since the very beginning, I never changed his name to "Frosty" this was the name that the game gave him. And yes when looking him up, he is the first cat in the catbook. I don't know why this cat is called "Frosty" in my game when he's supposed to be called "Snowball";

    I also don't know if this is the reason why the actual "Frosty" isn't showing up in my garden. I have kept his page open for days now just to see what he needed in order to show up, that's when I noticed that I already had a cat named "Frosty" (Whom is supposed to be called Snowball).

    I don't really know what to do in order to get the actual "Frosty" to show up; since I got everything that he wants in order to come.

    I really don't know if it's related to the name or if it's some kind of glitch that my game got.

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