Main Goodies

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Here you can browse the Goodies that Shadow likes.

Balls Edit

Ball of Yarn · Beach Ball · Ping-Pong Ball · Rubber Ball (Blue) · Rubber Ball (Red) · Rubber Ball (Yellow) · Stress Reliever · Toy Capsule · Watermelon Ball

Boxes Edit

Cardboard Café · Cardboard House · Cardboard Choo-Choo · Luxury Treasure-box · Shopping Box (Large) · Shopping Box (Small) · Treasure-box

Beds Edit

Aluminium Pot · Arabesque Blanket · Basket Case · Berry Coccoon · Biscuit Mat · Black Head Space · Chestnut Cushion · Cushion (Pink) · Dice Cube · Egg Bed (Pink) · Fluffy Bed (Pink) · Fluffy Cushion · Giant Cushion · Head Space · Hammock (Woven) · Luxurious Hammock · Maple Pillow · Plum Cushion (Pink) · Pom-pom Sock · Sakura Pillow · Shroom House (Red) · Shiitake House · Stump House · Tent (Pyramid) · Tiramisu Cube · Warm Sock · Zanzibar Cushion

Furniture Edit

Art Deco Cat Tree · Athletic Cat-Gym · Bureau with Pot · Cat Condo Complex · Cat Metropolis · Paper Umbrella · Tower of Treats · Two-tier Cat Tree

Tunnels Edit

Cow Tunnel · Doughnut Tunnel · Tunnel (3D Piece) · Tunnel (U Piece)

Toys Edit

Butterfly Swarm · Kick Toy (Bunny) · Twisty Rail

Heating Edit

Heating Stove · Hot Mat (Large) · Kotatsu · Panel Heater · Space Heater · Sunken Fireplace

Bags/Hiding Edit

Pile of Leaves

Scratching Edit

Scratching Board

Baskets Edit

Cat Pancake · Clay Pot · Cowboy Hat · Earthenware Pot · Glass Vase · Goldfish Bowl · Honey Pot · Pickling Pot · Planter · Wood Pail

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