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Ramses the Great
Sufuin-san “Sphinx”
Ramses the Great Sprite
Personality Riddler
Power Level 230
Appearance Sphinx
Memento Elegant Staff

Ramses the Great (すふいんさん Sufuin-san) is a Rare Cat in Neko Atsume.


  • Ramses the Great's full body is only ever seen in-game when it is giving a Memento. When it is using the Tent (Pyramid), its backside and tail are obscured.
  • The title Ramses the Great belonged to perhaps the greatest Egyptian Pharaoh.
  • Ramses the Great appears to be a Sphynx Cat — which is a hairless breed of cat — or a Siamese.
  • A sphinx is a mythical creature with a human head and feline body known for asking riddles. A large sphinx statue in Giza, Egypt, is located near pyramids, which explains why this cat is attracted by the Tent (Pyramid).
  • The memento is based on the Caduceus, even though it is not strictly an Egyptian symbol.


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