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Kurīmu-san “Cream”
Peaches Sprite
Personality Capricious
Power Level 45
Appearance Tan & Orange
Memento Bendy Straw

Peaches (くリーむさん Kurīmu-san (or "Cream-san" ) is a Regular Cat in Neko Atsume.

Peaches is extremely hard to attract and very popular among players.


  • Despite not being a Rare Cat, Peaches appears less frequently than any other Cat in the game.
  • Peaches has a heart-shaped patch on the side of its body. Similarly, the Bendy Straw given as a memento from Peaches forms a heart shape when it is bent.
    • The heart on Peaches' side may be a reference to a dog called Heart-kun.
  • The main reason why Peaches rarely visits is due to its capricious personality i.e. a fickle or picky personality.


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