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Main Goodies

Goodies pages require constant updating! Some goodies may be missing, but you can help Neko Atsume Wiki by editing.

Here you can browse the Goodies that Macchiato likes.

Balls Edit


Boxes Edit

Cardboard Café · Cardboard Choo-Choo · Cardboard House · Dino Deluxe · Luxury Treasure-box

Beds Edit

Antique Chair · Bean Bag · Cozy Blanket (Red) · Cushion (Beige) · Cushion (Yellow) · Fluffy Cushion · Giant Cushion · Hammock (Woven) · Luxurious Hammock · Melon Coccoon · Plum Coccoon · Royal Bed · Shroom House (Red)

Furniture Edit

Athletic Cat-Gym · Cat Condo Complex · Cat Metropolis

Tunnels Edit


Toys Edit

Mister Dragonfly · Mister Mouse · Twisty Rail · Wild-thing Teaser · Wing-thing Teaser · Zebra Grass Gadget

Heating Edit


Bags/Hiding Edit

Paper Bag

Scratching Edit

Scratching Board

Baskets Edit

Cowboy Hat

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