Main Goodies

Yukineko-san “Snowcat”
Frosty Sprite
Personality Sensitive
Power Level 5
Appearance Straw Coat
Memento Thaw-Proof Snowman

Frosty (ゆきねこさん Yukineko-san) is a Rare Cat in Neko Atsume.

They have been added in Patch Ver. 1.5.0.


  • Frosty wears its coat while using the Goodies placed in the Yard, outside the player's house.
  • Frosty looks like a traditional Japanese snow rabbit, similar to the one seen in the Snowy version of the Classic Style.
  • Frosty has the lowest Power Level of all the Rare Cats, and second lowest power of all the Cats.
  • Of all the Rare Cats, Frosty will appear for the largest quantity of toys.
  • Frosty will only sit in one spot for all of the goodies except the Snow Sled and Large Cooling Mat, in which Frosty can sit in any spot.


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