Main Goodies

Kurīmutora-san “Cream Tiger”
Apricot Sprite
Personality Slacker
Power Level 10
Appearance Tan & Orange Tabby
Memento Tiny Toothbrush

Apricot (くりーむとらさん Kurīmutora-san) is a Regular Cat in Neko Atsume.

They have been added in Patch Ver. 1.6.0.


  • In version Ver 1.6.0, Apricot only had stripes on its tail when under the Fairy-tale Parasol, giving a Memento, or being seen Cat Advertising.
    • Since version Ver 1.6.1, Apricot doesn't have stripes on its tail while on the Fairy-tale Parasol, but still has stripes when giving a Memento and Cat Advertising.
  • During Ver 1.6.1, on the side part of the Kotatsu, Apricot appeared as a black line.
  • Apricot has the third lowest power level of all the Cats and second lowest out of all the Regular Cats. (The only lower ones are Frosty and Pickles.)

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